Jesus Week 2018:
June 2 to June 9, 2018

Jesus Week is a simple strategy that is enabling the Church of NYC to visibly and strategically operate as ONE.

We welcome all churches and ministries to participate by stepping up prayer and/or stepping up outreach during this week.

Please Join Us

“One week of strategic, collaborative outreach and prayer in every zip code in NYC”

Then Join Thousands of Your Brothers and Sisters
To Celebrate and Lift Up The Name Of Jesus

Jesus Week Times Square Promo

How can I be involved?

I’d like to be involved in the following way (Church/Pastor):
• We will increase prayer meetings in our church for NYC during this week.
• Our Church will prayer walk our zip code during Jesus Week.
• Our Church will engage in some form of community service/outreach during Jesus Week. (See Jesus Week Opportunities below for ideas)
• We will participate in the Times Square Gathering

I’d like to be involved in the following way (Individual):
• I will pray for my neighborhood during Jesus Week.
• I will connect with one of the many community outreaches that are going on during Jesus Week. (See Jesus Week Opportunities below)

Register for Jesus Week (Non-Profit org/Ministry)
• I will encourage prayer participation in my network.
• I will utilize my unique resources to assist in various community outreach initiatives.

Sign Up Below:

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