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Want to learn more about God? Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin when you want to grow your understanding and relationship with him. Saturate NYC is the perfect next step for you.  We offer simple Bible reading plans, worship, ways to engage in your community, and much more!

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Here are a few easy steps you get you started.

What Can I Do?

Learn. Download the Saturate Bible Study to help you understand why so many churches are working together to Saturate every zip code with God’s Love!

Pray. Begin using the Saturate Prayer and Fasting Guide to help prepare you for what God will do in your community. 

Then sign up here to pray for each home and each family in your neighborhood. 

Strategize or Connect. Find out more about the demographics of your community and create a plan of action using one of our Community District Guides.

Go! Register your Church to become a Saturate partner and participate in projects geared towards prayer, public schools, housing communities and ethnic enclaves. 

Prayer- Visit ConcertsofPrayerNY.org

Public Schools- Visit ThriveCollective.org

Housing Communities - Visit UrbanHopeNYC.org or MetroWorldChild.org

Ethnic Enclaves - Visit GlobalGates.info

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Together, we can Saturate our city with a
"knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea”
(Habakkuk 2.14)

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In many of our cities people are facing many political, economic, and social challenges. However, we have been praying with our faces to the ground, so there is a spirit of expectation and excitement filing our neighborhoods.

God is restoring His Church, healing its brokenness, breaking down dividing walls and preparing a mighty army. As more and more ministries join hands for the good work, we are overjoyed and bursting with expectation. Nevertheless, just as our physical bodies thrive or perish primarily due to health at the cellular level, likewise, the body of Christ lives or dies, advances or retreats only and always at the cellular level.

The strength of our bodies is determined by the health, wholeness, cooperation and replication of each and every cell in each and every function of our being. Billions of dollars could be poured into our cities. The greatest evangelistic effort ever seen in the USA could take place this year, but if the individual members of the body sit back and expect the work of the kingdom to advance upon the shoulders of charismatic leaders and crusade events, the greatest of campaigns will bear little fruit and have minimal lasting impact.

How We Are Connecting NY

  • Global Gates

  • Thrive Collective

  • Urban Hope

  • Concerts of Prayer

  • Metro World Child

  • Pastor David Beidel


Now Available
One App to Bless Them All!

God is looking to YOU to be the key player in the greatest revival that the world will ever see. 

This is not a sales pitch; it is the only way God intended for His kingdom to advance: one by one, family by family, neighbor by neighbor.

To assist you in Advancing His Kingdom, we are proud to introduce the SATURATE NY APP!

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Saturate NYC serves the whole church in partnership with American Bible Society.

We are working together to help our churches engage with God’s Word to undergird the renewal of our city

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