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What Can I Do?

“You will be my witnesses in THE END OF THE EARTH (reaching our ethnic enclaves)”

We fully support and encourage overseas ministry, however, the ends of the earth have now come to us and we need to reach them here. We desire to resource and empower our saints and churches to strategically evangelize the 800 ethnic enclaves in NYC. Global Gates is our lead partner in this endeavor. They are prepared to educate and inspire all of our churches with regional conferences and church consultation.

Another amazing partner, Christ 4 All Peoples has just donated 200,000 Jesus Film DVD’s to NYC. BlessEveryHome.com has donated to us access to the Mapping Center for Evangelism’s database in order to identify every home in our city where it is likely that a 2nd language is spoken at home. We are preparing for a massive Christmas campaign in which local churches will distribute the Jesus Film DVD as a Christmas gift to our neighbors who have come from many nations.



a. Prayerfully choose an ethnic group in your region to bathe in prayer.
b. There may be a large enclave in your community. You may have several people from your church who have a particular ethnic background. Wherever the Lord leads…PRAY.

a. Reach out and make a friend.
b. Go to the same gas station or deli consistently and make pleasant conversation. Particularly in these tense times, individuals from many eastern nations feel hated and feared.
c. If there is a woman with a head covering on in your school yard as you pick up your children, befriend her.
d. Invite a family or an international student over for dinner. Hospitality is one of the most cherished values in Asian and Middle Eastern nations. Even though we have the most beautiful homes in the world, Americans have a reputation of being the most inhospitable people.
i. Share the Jesus film with someone in their “heart” language. Even if they speak English, they will be amazed that you have a film in their specific language. (Under the “media” button in the Saturate NYC app, you will find the Jesus film and several others available in up to 1400 languages).
i. Host a cultural festival at your church for the ethnic group that you have been praying for.
ii. If their nation or a certain nation represented in your area has experienced a natural disaster, reach out compassionately and see if your church might be able to assist in a small or large way.
i. English as a 2nd Language: This is a big commitment, but there are very few more effective ways to engage and minister to ethnic groups in your community.

Take Saturate NY With You!

God is looking to YOU to be the key player in the greatest revival that the world will ever see. This is not a sales pitch; it is the only way God intended for His kingdom to advance: one by one, family by family, neighbor by neighbor.

To assist you in Advancing His Kingdom, we are proud to introduce the saturate ny app!

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