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What Can I Do?

“and you will be my witnesses in JERUSALEM (reaching our neighborhood)”

To ensure "Kingdom Saturation," we are creating prayer and evangelism grids in every Community District and zip code in NYC. For over ten years, Concerts of Prayer GNYC has mobilized the June PRAY NY event in which every zip code in our city is prayer walked. We are building from the foundation of this amazing and unprecedented city prayer movement by encouraging local churches to gather in every zip code and create grids of Gospel responsibility (not territory). Once the grid is established (according to the capacity of the church) each local church is responsible to execute a plan of systematic monthly prayer walking/visitation in their Gospel zone or “parish.”

The goal is that by 2020, every home in NYC will be prayed over and visited. One of our amazing partners has gifted our movement with the most advanced mapping technology available for the Church in the US. BlessEveryHome is able to provide all of our participating churches with a list of the nearest 2-5000 homes surrounding their church. Names, addresses, income level, new neighbors, probable language spoken and more will be made available to all partnering churches. Each church can then begin to execute a strategic prayer visitation and evangelism plan to ensure community saturation.

In addition, BlessEveryHome will give every one of our congregants a prayer list of 100 of their closest neighbors, empowering them to pray for 5 of these families a day. (a prayer list is sent with the names and addresses of five neighbors every day). Assuming an average of 3.3 persons in every household, 30,000 praying neighbors can saturate a city of 10 million with prayer. City Saturation is not a pipe dream.

Pray NY Toolkit

a. Pray for the neighborhood surrounding your church. If you are the only evangelical church in your zip code or town, saturate your community with prayer.

b. Encourage your congregation to pray for their neighborhood.

c. If there are several Gospel centered churches in your zip code, reach out to them and find out how many of them would be willing to be part of a monthly systematic prayer visitation outreach. It will generally be impossible for one church to visit every home in a zip code once a month, but a dozen churches can accomplish this collaboratively. Each church will have an area of “Gospel Responsibility,” not “Church Territory.” The concern is the salvation and discipleship of every soul in your community.

2. Prayer Preparation:
a. NEIGHBORHOOD PRAYER ADOPTION: This amazing web tool provides registered users with a prayer list comprised of the names and addresses of 100 of their closest neighbors. If they choose the “pray for five neighbors every day option,” every day, a list of five neighbors is emailed for prayer. In this way every20 days, 100 households are prayed for.

b. PRAYER AND FASTING DEVOTIONAL GUIDE: This seven day guide is designed to deepen our love for God and our neighbor and to help all of us think more intentionally and strategically about the mission field that surrounds us.

3. Outreach tools:
a. THE “RISEN” MOVIE EVENT: This is an excellent outreach event that can easily be coupled with a local Pray NY outreach. We have prepared attractive club cards for anyone who wishes to use this approach. It is a great ice breaker to invite people to a free movie event. It can easily open the door for dialogue about the resurrection of Christ. Once the conversation is started, there is generally an open door to pray for a person or family. (ie. “I’m from the church down the block, we are all praying for our neighbors today – would you mind if I prayed for you and your family?”)

b. THE JESUS FILM WEBSITE: The Jesus film (the most effective evangelistic tool in history) is available in over a thousand languages. It is on the media button in the “Saturate NYC” app. With a smart phone or computer, the Jesus film can be played in nearly every language that is spoken in NYC. With one more click, the film can be emailed to anyone who wants it.

c. JESUS FILM DVD’S: We have DVD’s available in 24 of the most commonly spoken languages in NYC. We have researched the ethnic enclaves in every Community District in NYC. This data is available in the zip code/Community District prayer guides. If you would like DVD’s we are able to provide them for you at little to no cost. We are receiving a donation of 200,000 Jesus films from “Christ for All People.” This Christmas and next Pray NY we are planning to put these films into the hands of the many immigrant families that fill our neighborhoods.

d. ONE QUESTION SURVEY: “If you knew that God cared about you and was listening to you, what would you ask Him?” (“Well He does care and He is listening and He sent me to tell you that He loves you…lets pray)

Take Saturate NY With You!

God is looking to YOU to be the key player in the greatest revival that the world will ever see. This is not a sales pitch; it is the only way God intended for His kingdom to advance: one by one, family by family, neighbor by neighbor.

To assist you in Advancing His Kingdom, we are proud to introduce the saturate ny app!

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