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What Can I Do?

“You will be my witnesses in…SAMARIA (reaching NYC Public Housing)”

Samaria of old was the neighborhood “across the tracks.” It was a place of racial disdain and multi-generational devastation. We see the 334 struggling NYC Public Housing Communities (NYCHA) as our ‘first steps’ Samaria assignment. We are encouraging churches and ministries to work together, pray for and come alongside each NYCHA complex.

America is currently experiencing profound societal disintegration. We believe that the Church has been divinely appointed to respond to this crisis. “Circumventing Samaria” was practiced by the Pharisees and too often continues to this day. Jesus went into Samaria and brought living water. We must do the same.

Urban Hope NYC is partnering with us to encourage and equip Church/NYC Public Housing partnerships. Metro World Child, CEF, Young Life, Street to Street and many others wonderful ministries are aligning with neighborhood churches to build powerful and comprehensive ministry collaboratives in these communities.



2. Prayerfully choose your “Samaria.”

3. Pray big prayers over a local NYC Public Housing Development or a similarly challenged neighborhood.

4. Get your people praying big prayers for:
a. Favor with the administration
b. Favor with the neighbors
c. Relationships with key leaders/gate keepers/unofficial community mayors.
d. Samaria Missionaries from the church
e. Any names of residents you already know.

5. Get a prayer band to prayer walk through the community on a regular basis.

6. Find a way to connect with the community:
a. If you near a community that Metro World Child ministers to, they are strong partners with Saturate. Do whatever you can to work in tandem with them.

    • ii. By financially supporting them.
    • iii. By assisting their outreach events.
    • iv. You can bring coffee for the parents and connect with them while Metro is doing their kids program.
    • v. You can set up a book table, offering free literature.
    • vi. You can offer to pray for the parents and their family.
    • vii. The best thing you can do for Metro is help them with their follow up visitation.
    b. If you are reaching out to a housing complex of any kind, introduce yourself to the Building Manager and the Tenant Association President (most will have an office). Tell them you would love to help them bless the community. Ask them to give you some suggestions that would meet a need in the neighborhood.
    c. Establish a visitation team for each building or high rise the development.
    • i. As soon as you have one team, begin by adopting one building. Visit two to three floors a week or every two weeks.
    • ii. “Hi, I’m from a church nearby, I wanted to know if I could pray for you and your family?”
    • iii. We often go with free books, children’s books and tracts that are available at little or no cost.
    • iv. Make a prayer and contact notebook that will help you to remember addresses, names, phone numbers, and prayer requests. The more detailed your notebook the more capable you will be to minister effectively.
    d. A Family Festival for the community is always a win.
    e. Community Beautification in which you involve the Tenant Association and concerned families is even better because it builds deeper relationships and a sense of dignity.

    7. Develop an after school program in the Community Center or a nearby facility.

    a. CEF is more than willing to assist you in launching a once a week Kid’s Bible Klub.

    8. What’s in your hand Moses?
    • i. If you have people who are good at Arts and Crafts,Sports, Music, Step Dance, Cooking, Gardening. Any and all of the above make for a great after school club.
    b. Engage some of your Youth Group kids to help, it will be a rite of passage for them. We call them “Street Leaders” it gives them hands on real ministry experience.

    9. Pray about doing a one week Vacation Bible School for the community.

    10. If you have the staff to put together a Basketball League for the disconnected youth of these communities, this is one of the most effective ways to reach, evangelize and disciple the 13-18 age group. Our partners “Street to Street” and “New Life 4SI Basketball League” can help get you started.

    Take Saturate NY With You!

    God is looking to YOU to be the key player in the greatest revival that the world will ever see. This is not a sales pitch; it is the only way God intended for His kingdom to advance: one by one, family by family, neighbor by neighbor.

    To assist you in Advancing His Kingdom, we are proud to introduce the saturate ny app!

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