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Judea represented the larger region surrounding Jerusalem. To execute a Judea outreach, we are asking, ‘how can the Church best reach the larger cross-sections of our communities?’ We believe that reaching our struggling schools is the first step. (Marketplace and First Responders ministry are next) Right now we are strategically aligning churches with neighborhood schools through prayer and community partnerships. Over a million students populate our Public-school system. This is a number greater than the 10th largest city in America.

Saturate NYC, The Thrive Collective, Child Evangelism Fellowship and Young Life are happy to partner with local churches in this movement. The open doors and opportunities are many. Literacy assistance (link to the Urban Hope video) for 2nd graders is transformational for children and neighborhoods. Check out our “School Partnership Toolkit” for creative ideas and easy on-ramps.


a. Prayerfully choose a local school to bathe in prayer.
b. Often, the nearest school is the best fit, but sometimes a member of your congregation serves at a different school. Wherever the Lord leads…PRAY.

a. Go to the school and ask to meet the Principal. Let them know that you are the pastor(preferable)/member of a local church, that you often pray for the school and you would love to help out in any way that you are able. Listen, but also have a few suggestions:

i. Fall yard clean up.
ii. Plant some bulbs with some of your youth (and possible theirs).
iii. Have a school supply drive (schools will never say no to supplies).
iv. Backpack giveaway.
v. Bring a “Box of Joe” and a couple dozen donuts with an encouraging note for the teachers and staff.
vi. Offer to give a financial award or Gift Certificate to the five students that have shown the most character or have improved the most, or have volunteered the most…etc. Often, the school will invite you to present these awards, even to give the invocation at the Graduation ceremony.
vii. Ask the principal if they would appreciate a “lightly used children’s books” drive, and/or a “lightly used school uniform (blue pants and jumpers) drive.”

i. Plant a community garden with your members and children working side by side with theirs.
ii. Host a Teachers Appreciation Banquet at your church, or cater one for them in the school.

d. HIGHER BRANCHES: (For the following, we recommend connecting with the Saturate Team and Thrive Collective as we have been working on several of these projects)
i. Apply for a grant for a Mural Project through “Thrive Collective.”
ii. Paint one or several classes. (We have partners that can supply paint to paint the entire school if you have the volunteers)
iii. If you have a worship leader or musically oriented congregants, offer to provide a free weekly or monthly music class for the school.
iv. Literacy Initiatives. This is a great need in all of our elementary schools. Approximately 90% of the young people that go through the juvenile court system are illiterate. Illiteracy centers around 2nd grade. If a child doesn’t learn to read in 2nd or 3rd grade, they most likely never will.
v. School Chaplaincy. This doesn’t happen overnight, but when the teachers and the principal realize how much you care, they will call you in times of trouble and tragedy. They have an incredibly challenging and stressful job, bless them with the love of Christ.

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