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“Understanding our strategy, partnerships and tools”

Jesus was a carpenter; the Greek word literally means: “builder.” In and through us, He is building His Church. Lately in NYC we have been seeking to think more like builders, like sub-contractors working together for our “Architect and Builder” (Heb.11:10). This has changed us a great deal.

We have been commissioned to construct a Holy Temple that spans our city. Sometimes, however, “THE NYC CHURCH construction project” resembles a thousand sub-contractors working on one huge structure without a blueprint. Meanwhile, five sub-contractors wouldn’t try to build a bungalow without one.

For this reason, a large grass roots coalition of churches and ministries are proposing a simple strategic plan that will help us all to “stay on the same page.” We are striving to build synergy and richer collaboration instead of chaos and competition. This synopsis is an explanation of our strategy, tools, partnerships and resources.

We have found the Acts 1:8 Great Commission to be an excellent platform and template for cooperative and comprehensive ministry.

In the power of the Holy Spirit, the disciples were sent to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth. Ever since these words were spoken, mission minded saints have thoughtfully contextualized the four outreach quadrants of Acts 1:8 to effectively reach the nations that they were called to. In NYC here are some first steps that we are taking to work together as an “Acts 1:8 city.”

“You will receive POWER when the Holy Spirit has come upon you”

One of our principal partners in Saturate NYC is David Bryant of the “Christ Now” movement. His passion and ours is to see a “Christ Awakening – total Christ Saturation.”

Executing a strategic outreach plan devoid of “Power from on High,” is like sending men to battle in perfect military formation without weapons. We as leaders and all who serve with us can never saturate our neighborhoods and boroughs with rivers of living water if we ourselves are parched and barren.

Our first priority is the same as Jesus' priority in Acts 1:8: that His disciples be saturated with the Holy Spirit, sent from his throne to empower his people to fulfill his mission of saturation among the nations.

In addition, when Christ saturates God's people with more of his glory and greatness, this will enable us to promote greater unity among all of us as we collaborate to share Christ in every zip code and community district. As he prayed in John 17, Christ’s main reason for revealing more of his glory to his followers is; “that they might be one.”

Currently, across the country Christian leaders are referring to the Church's experience of a "Christ saturation" by using the term, a “Christ Awakening." A Christ Awakening is usually defined as God's Spirit using God's Word to reintroduce God's people to God's Son for ALL he is. A"Christ Awakening" is God's Spirit saturating God's people to help them gain a far greater awareness of who Jesus is right now, reigning as King in his majesty and supremacy.

The first step towards NYC Saturation is in fact a weekly prayer meeting of pastors and ministers in each of the 59 Community Districts (CD) of NYC. We are encouraging each of our CD Shepherds to gather like-minded leaders to pray for their region and to discuss ways to help their people grow a much larger vision of Christ--to become increasingly saturated with the reality of the supremacy of Christ so that they will want to saturate their neighborhoods and beyond with the glory of Christ.

“You will be my witnesses in JERUSALEM (reaching our neighborhood)”

To ensure "Kingdom Saturation," we are creating prayer and evangelism grids in every Community District and zip code in NYC. For over ten years, Concerts of Prayer GNYC has mobilized the June PRAY NY event in which every zip code in our city is prayer walked. We are building from the foundation of this amazing and unprecedented city prayer movement by encouraging local churches to gather in every zip code and create grids of Gospel responsibility (not territory). Once the grid is established (according to the capacity of the church) each local church is responsible to execute a plan of systematic monthly prayer walking/visitation in their Gospel zone or “parish.”

The goal is that by 2020, every home in NYC will be prayed over and visited. One of our amazing partners has gifted our movement with the most advanced mapping technology available for the Church in the US. BlessEveryHome is able to provide all of our participating churches with a list of the nearest 2-5000 homes surrounding their church. Names, addresses, income level, new neighbors, probable language spoken and more will be made available to all partnering churches. Each church can then begin to execute a strategic prayer visitation and evangelism plan to ensure community saturation.

In addition, BlessEveryHome will give every one of our congregants a prayer list of 100 of their closest neighbors, empowering them to pray for 5 of these families a day (a prayer list is sent with the names and addresses of five neighbors every day). Assuming an average of 3.3 persons in every household, 30,000 praying neighbors can saturate a city of 10 million with prayer. City Saturation is not a pipe dream.

“You will be my witnesses in… JUDEA (reaching our struggling schools)”

Judea represented the larger region surrounding Jerusalem. To execute a Judea outreach, we are asking, ‘how can the Church best reach the larger cross-sections of our communities?’ We believe that reaching our struggling schools is the first step. (Marketplace and First Responders ministry are next)

Right now we are strategically aligning churches with neighborhood schools through prayer and community partnerships. Over a million students populate our Public school system. This is a number greater than the 10th largest city in America. The Thrive Collective is championing this movement. They tirelessly serve to connect, assist and map school / church partnerships.

In our BUILD NY section and on the Thrive Collective website there are many practical “easy on ramps” for blessing and building a healthy relationship with local schools.

“You will be my witnesses in…SAMARIA (reaching NYC Public Housing)”

Samaria of old was the neighborhood “across the tracks.” It was a place of racial disdain and multi-generational devastation. We see the 334 struggling NYC Public Housing Communities (NYCHA) as our ‘first steps’ Samaria assignment. We are encouraging churches and ministries to work together, pray for and come alongside each NYCHA complex.

America is currently experiencing profound societal disintegration. We believe that the Church has been divinely appointed to respond to this crisis. “Circumventing Samaria” was practiced by the Pharisees and too often continues to this day. Jesus went into Samaria and brought living water. We must do the same.

Urban Hope NYC is partnering with us to encourage and equip Church/NYC Public Housing partnerships. Metro World Child, CEF, Young Life, Street to Street and many others wonderful ministries are aligning with neighborhood churches to build powerful and comprehensive ministry collaboratives in these communities.

“You will be my witnesses in THE END OF THE EARTH (reaching our ethnic enclaves)”

We fully support and encourage overseas ministry, however, the ends of the earth have now come to us and we need to reach them here. We desire to resource and empower our saints and churches to strategically evangelize the 800 ethnic enclaves in NYC. Global Gates is our lead partner in this endeavor. They are prepared to educate and inspire all of our churches with regional conferences and church consultation.

Another amazing partner, Christ 4 All Peoples has just donated 200,000 Jesus Film DVD’s to NYC. has donated to us access to the Mapping Center for Evangelism’s database in order to identify every home in our city where it is likely that a 2nd language is spoken at home. We are preparing for a massive Christmas campaign in which local churches will distribute the Jesus Film DVD as a Christmas gift to our neighbors who have come from many nations.

Saturate Resources

1. The American Bible Society has graciously funded the construction of our Saturate web and app platforms. In addition they are integrating and sharing all of their Bible studies and creative outreach resources with us to equip our city with the top notch discipleship and evangelism material.

1. This is a tremendous website, filled with resources to lead pastors and congregations towards a Christ Awakening.


2. “Saturate NYC” app (Download Below)
a. This app may be the most powerful and comprehensive city-reaching evangelistic tool in existence. We call it “one app to bless them all.” By using the app, saints and seekers can find Christ centered churches anywhere in NYC, Christian music and events, NYC tourist guides, food, shelter and social services near them, answers to questions they have about God, Jesus, Salvation, Faith, Science and Religion. We also have the Bible, the Jesus Film and other video’s in hundreds of languages. All of our partner’s websites are displayed there as well.

a. The app is geared for evangelism but the website focuses on assisting churches and ministries to work together using an Acts 1:8 blueprint. We have loaded an enormous amount of information in the CD/ Borough prayer guides. It will help you to see the schools and NYCHA complexes that surround you. Soon in cooperation with the Mapping Center for Evangelism, we will be able to display all of this information in easy to use maps.

4. Saturation: A Plan for Gospel Immersion
a. This book contains the narrative, theology and full strategic plan for the saturate movement.
It is available at as an e-book or paperback at:

b. The companion “Six Weeks to Saturate” Bible study is available as a free download in Spanish and English at:

5. Saturate: Prayer and Fasting Devotional Guide
This is designed for a week of fasting and prayer to prepare a church for a season or outreach or a large evangelistic event. It is available as a free download at:

Download Now

God is looking to YOU to be the key player in the greatest revival that the world will ever see. This is not a sales pitch; it is the only way God intended for His kingdom to advance: one by one, family by family, neighbor by neighbor.

To assist you in Advancing His Kingdom, we are proud to introduce the saturate ny app!

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God is looking to YOU to be the key player in the greatest revival that the world will ever see. This is not a sales pitch; it is the only way God intended for His kingdom to advance: one by one, family by family, neighbor by neighbor.

To assist you in Advancing His Kingdom, we are proud to introduce the saturate ny app!

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